Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007



To all yang dah booked aigner and kenneth cole i'm sooo sorry to inform you that you still need to wait for a little time. All my supplies supposed to arrive not later than 19/12/2007 but my parcel sangkut kat kastam. This things were never happened before. Me and my supplier still trying to work all this things out. Thank you for your patience. For anyone yang nak cancel booking please let me know. As i'm not taking any booking money, so u'll lose nothing. For other like Liz Claiborne, PS, Guess semua ada pada I..daa


**updated 24/12/2007
Ok, all items is here!..All gorgeous!!..yang kenneth cole tu cun dari gambar..belum ada yg sesiapa yg nak silala email i yer..yang lain? sorry..all new stock will only available after new year, Insya,stay tune..