Sunday, November 16, 2008

Coach Signature Stripe-PreOwned-Tote & Wristlet

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After contemplating for quite a while, i finally decided to let go these:

Actual pictures-Only TOTE & WRISTLET are for sale.

Coach signature stripe tote #11098 in dark brown

Price : RM680.00 (including S&H)

Matching Coach signature stripe wristlet #40754 in dark brown SOLD!

Price : RM120.00 (including S&H)

Both items are in very great condition. Worn few times only. Almost perfect. Please contact me via e-mail at for more pictures.

Reason of selling?
1. It's been sitting in my wardrobe for quite a while now. Being me, klau dah masuk wardrobe means aku dah xpakai lagi la.
2. Mak takde anak pompuan (lagi setakat ini) utk diwariskan. Klau ada kang mak belikan dia yg lain. Haha.

Klau xde orang nak beli makanya gf Naufal akan dapat bag ni..haha :P